Far away from all the bedlam, we, the two creative fanatics smitten by the love of graphics and art have set our foot in the world of webcomics crafting our own interpretation of life. We recreate what we see around with a dash of humour and sarcasm. Our intention is to provide unbound entertainment through our tongue-in-cheek scripting and subtle illustrations.

We the duo, Ritaban Das, the ardent illustrator and Ritabrata Dass, the candid writer hope that we are able to provide uncanny and untainted entertainment through our fresh concept. We are open to all sorts of feedback, criticism, and comments. We believe the more you offer us your two cents the more it will help us to grow and be better in our endeavour. Feel free to share your opinion with us at ronnie1234321@gmail.com or ritabrata.dass@gmail.com.



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